About Us

Osus for Import, Export and Commercial Agencies was established as an Egyptian closed joint-stock company to focus on certain segments of trade originally done by the mother company Anwar Misr.

Anwar Misr was originally established as a commodity import and export trading company back in 2001 and grew to different activities ranging from construction, contracting, wholesale and trade.

In 2014, shareholders decided it’s time to move the trading business in a separate vehicle to concentrate on delivering quality goods reaching customer satisfaction

Osus has an authorized capital of EGP 500 Million, issued capital of EGP 50 Million and paid-in capital of 29 Million.

Osus Trade is located in Alexandria, Egypt, with an expanded supply chain network; supplying high quality raw material to the Egyptian local plastic industry and exporting some of the premium Egyptian agricultural commodities to the international market.

Our network expands throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Europe with special emphasis on Egypt and the Gulf region.

We import the goods and commodities that are essential to balance the increasing demand in the local market. We also export some of the premium agricultural commodities that are highly demanded by the international markets. This provides an important incoming cash flow of foreign currencies. The company is also a trade agent and representative to many international companies.

Our Services include: Import of plastic raw material: polyethylene and polypropylene, export and import of fruits, vegetables and grains